Is version control on the road map


Is version control on the road map for Glide?
At the moment the only form of backup is to duplicate both the app and the sheet, but this is not very granular.
I realise that Glide is focused on giving a code free experience to building an app, but the app still has a lifecycle as does developed code where features are added and bugs patched through the lifetime.
I would ideally like to be able to develop individual parts of the app in isolation and then pull into the ‘master’ path without having to redo the build again into the ‘master’ copy.



To some degree, Pat’s request somewhat overlaps with this thread:

Bottomline, it would be good to put together some best practices around the “lifecycle of a Glide app”, that way we are not each doing our own bootstrapping or workarounds. Would love to get others’ thoughts on this.

David said Glide would like to offer “publishing” control in the future so that’s the closest to your request.

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