Vegan & cruelty free app to help animal shelters

(Sorry for my english :laughing:, I’m french)

First thing first, thank you so much Glide team. You have made my dream come true: I can build an app now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s my app:

It is a MVP. My mission is to revolutionize the economic model of animal shelters. For now, they only survive based on donations. Here in Quebec, Canada, they don’t have help from the government. They can’t have grant.

So, for now, I want to centralize all the information on animal shelters such as animals, etc. but also on vegan & cruelty free options such as restaurants (like HappyCow), but also fashion, cosmetic, etc.

In the future, people would buy directly in the app. Of course, a big % of profit will go to the animal shelters.

I’m thinking about becoming a non-profit, but I’m still not sure.

I’m curious on your thoughts in the app. Sorry it’s in french but I think you’ll get the idea :slight_smile:

Thanks again Glide, it was sooooo simple to create the app!


Looks really good. Love the illustrations. Reminds me of headspace

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Thanks! Yes I made the illustrations quickly and Headspace was a big inspiration :upside_down_face:

The app is really awesome! You can also consider using a tab label for those icons too because the second icon is a GitHub icon which you used for the animal screen

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Thanks! I’m not sure I understand. What icons are you referring to?

The icons on the navigation below in the screenshot

Ohhh yes a tab label, I understand now!! Yeah you are right that the GitHub icon is not the perfect one but it is the only option I got. I read that more icons will come up soon. Maybe I could add tab label until then.

Very nice. Greetings from snow-covered Northern Ontario.
I love your main page. Could you remind me of how that is done? I’ve been too busy on the back end of my app and seem to have a mental block.

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I simply created a new tab on my sheet with these categories and in Glide, I used Relations to the Animal Shelters tabs, Shop tabs and Restaurant tabs.

Are those image components on your homepage? Really nice! I like the animation/way they move when you click them. Is that native Glide functionality? I’ve never noticed it before.

Thanks! The animation is new from Glide. I just noticed it 10 min ago haha

We can do horizontal list now !!!

Ahh okay! I haven’t played with the new tiles layout yet. Thanks