Values not showing up in number entry field

I’ve a sheet with a number column with precision 1.00 and values from 0 to 1, e.g. 0.15, 0.30,…

In the tab based on this sheet I want users to edit this column with a number entry field.
But unfortunately the field is empty and not showing the existing values.

It is possible to enter a new value and submit the form but if you come back, the field is empty again.
It only works if the number entered has precision 1.
The sheet always shows the correct values, also in the Google sheet.

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I can confirm I did face this situation just yesterday. You can file a bug report with your support link to

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Thanks for the tip, I’ve filed the report.
Could you please help to clarify the problem?
On what device (OS) and what language setting have you see the problem?
Are you using a point or a coma as decimal separator?

I was using Chrome on MacOS. I believe Glide’s decimal separator follows my Mac’s local settings so comma is the separator showing in the Editor.

However my spreadsheet has a “locale” of United States and I was using a point for separator.

It has never been a problem until recently, I believe.