Value according to user's email

I want to differentiate notification value as per user’s email,
Aan Hasanah's shopping cart value notification is 5, this is what I expected.
and the value of Agung Taufik’s shopping cart notification should be 0, but in the basket menu, Agung Taufik's value is 5,
How to differentiate values according to user email?

Aan Hasanah

Agung Taufik

I assume you’re using CSS to have that red circle?

You can just put the right number in the template column that populates that CSS on your screen.

If you’re not able to do that, please send over screenshots of your configuration for that screen, specifically that CSS part.

Hi @ThinhDinh
you are right, I use css, for the value I get from HITUNG SELISIH CHECKOUT

I try to explain the flow of the application that I made.
I have a special group shopping application, where the user as the group leader can order for its members.
let’s say I am the group leader, I want to choose 5 types of goods for my members, and in the application I calculate the order of the goods I ordered, this is where the problem is when another user enters my total order is also in another user.

in GLIDE TABLE I use math to calculate my order, for the sum I calculate Row ID - Hitung Nama Anggota Yang Terisi

I’ll show you a screenshot

Why is your HITUNG SELISIH CHECKOUT column the same for every row? How are you getting the 2 rollups and shouldn’t they be different for each user?

because I used Math>Count to count all unfilled row id-Nama Anggota.
is there any other way to make the data work as per user?

Shouldn’t you do it with a relation using the user’s email/ID instead, providing you have the user’s email/ID in the other table?

I was thinking you can have a relation like that, then do a rollup on that relation instead of taking the whole unfilled rows set, which can include other users’ data.

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why am i this careless :sweat_smile:
thanks for reminding me @ThinhDinh

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