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I am trying to build a portfolio tracker and the problem here is that I want to sum the “Notional value” of the same symbol each and by the same users.
Can I sum all of each same symbol’s “Notional value” by the same user?

For example, as you see in the screenshot, total “notional value” of symbol ES would be 1,300,000 and NQ would be 1,120,000.

What I want to achieve is no matter how many duplicate symbols users add, I want to sum the “notional value” of the same symbols by the same user.

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Roll up sums all of Notional value in the column no matter the user or symbol

I see you have a lot of user specific columns. I don’t think that’s a good approach because you will have a lot rows that appear empty. If you preview as a different user then some rows will have data appear and other rows will become empty. That’s going to make it harder to maintain.

Instead you should use normal basic columns to store all of your values instead of user specific columns. User specific columns are only useful if you want multiple users to store their own values in the same cell in the same row. It appears that you have separate rows for each user, so there is no reason to use user specific columns in this case.

Since you have an email column, you really shouldn’t need to use user specific columns. Once you create normal basic columns and remove your user specific columns, then you can then apply Row Owners to the new email column. That will give you the same effect of only allowing users to access their own data because they will only get access to rows that have their email.

Once you get all of that cleaned up, then you can create a relation column that links the symbol column to itself. Once you have that, then you can change your rollup column to sum the notion value from the relation instead of the entire table. It may look weird when viewing the data in the data editor, but the totals will be correct on the front end.

You could also create a template column that joins the symbol and email together, and then use that for your relation, but that won’t be necessary if you apply row owners.


Thank you it worked!

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