UX bug in designer - red warning outline - but unique usc columns

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 02.04.04

I have a screen in my Agent app - a call center agent is reviewing covid test results.

The screen is accessed from an inline list - and opens up Details. The functionality works… but the UX shows that I have three red borders around components. These are all separate, unique user columns. Weird!

Is there any chance you have an action configured that sets the values of these columns separately as well? I had this happen today and was racking my brain, but it turns out I have a button on the same screen with an action that can (optionally) set the columns too. Glide was seeing it as a potential conflict, but I just ignored it as both can’t happen at the same time (action negates the use of the fields).

I’m thinking your “Cancel” button may be the culprit and likely clears these values.

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I do reset the values for both cancel and save. But if that is the case, then I would think I should have errors on other forms too (though it is plausible I do not…)

That’s a good point… I thought it was weird too when I figured it out, but it does make sense as the action is affecting the same column as another component and is happening on the same screen. In most of my other forms, the action is on Submit, so it’s not affecting the direct screen values, but rather the sheet that holds the submissions.