New "actions" window

Hi, I see there is a new “actions” in the action editor.

I hope to learn its purpose. But right now, it is hiding the field names in my “set column” section.


I agree. It is really buggy. Not able to “Set Column Values” for a row in another table.

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@SantiagoPerez @Mark Can you guys please look into it?

You can set columns in another table…do you have a relation set up already?

Glide Engineering are aware of this, and they said it will be fixed.


Bug has mutated and now you can’t select option for set column because it hidden

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Yes ofcourse. I can’t access the dropdown in set column values

You are seeing this in prod? You should not be seeing this in prod…

Yep, in production.

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Yes in production

We are rolling a fix right now.

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Same for me - I am trying to set a column value in the Users table - using a custom action.

Assume that should be possible and part of the same bug?

Sometimes I find real bugs…

Working for now but some Ads In Glide