Set columns

I want to knwo how the “Set Columns” is set up.
Does anyone has a video explaning it?

Did you see that? Set columns - Glide Library. And I think that @Robert_Petitto has a video in his YT channel about Set Columns.

It’s a bit of an open question, set columns set values in a cell. What did you want to use it for?

Thanks @adriasoce and @Pablo_Miguel_Martine for the reply.
I wanted to set a espefic column, the value would be different too, like three values, for different actions.

But do you want that all in a compound action? By three values, do you mean 3 scenarios for the same action?

Good morning @ThinhDinh.
It woud be one column for three values, meaning 3 scenarios for differents actions.
Another question involving the same column, how do i set all rows with a value?