Action for : Bulk Set column values

  1. Select the row to take into consideration - as it normally is on the editor
  2. select bulk update to all rows matching a condition … example : column C contains “word”
  3. Set column values and other actions that are based on rows and are on the editor as they will be used for each row that matches that condition

You have an IF_ELSE column that can do this.

@Uzo for a simple case it will work that column , but if you want to use 2 set columns with IF-Else condition in order to set the values and also delete the values after that from where you took them, that column doesn’t do the job

There is no other way to hard set value than manually clicking it or scripting it.
You can use the if else column to set the value empty, and another if else column to set the desired value.

I know , that’s why I’ve suggested to be as a feature

It can’t be a feature. It would have to be a script. I know Glide is considering giving the possibility like Google Scripts, but I have no idea if they will go for it since this is a no-code platform.