The "Set column values" action not working with Google Sheets? how to fix that?

I am currently attempting to create an Inventory Management app using the Glide app and integrating it with Google Sheets. I have followed all the settings outlined in the Glide Inventory Management free template. However, I am encountering an issue where the restock and sell functions are not updating the corresponding values in the raw data type (Set column values). I am seeking a solution to this problem. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know.

Is your screenshot showing an add form or an edit form?

I’m not sure, sorry. I’m new to this. When I go to the product collection, under actions, it says “allow users to add items and edit items.” Is that what you mean by “add from or an edit form”?

Yes, so you clicked “Add Product” to show the first screenshot?

No, when I click on the product “part 1”, it opens this screen

and then I just click “restock item”.

Then what action ties to your “Restock item” button?

I reckon its connections to SKU on Orders Database.

All the question marks you see in the “orders relation” column are the ones that weren’t recorded when I attempted to restock.