Using variables within rows to build graphs

Hi Community,

Im building a Training Plan Creator for our Basketball Club, and within each Training plan, coaches have the ability to select drills from a drill database.

Each “Drill” has 10 different variables called “Focus Areas”

Basically, what i want to do is have a screen with a pie chart showing the percentages of each Drill variable so coaches know how much they are working on each thing across the season.

Any help would be much appreciated!

How are they selecting drills? So, In other words, if basketball selects layup lines and form shooting, you’d want a pie chart that shows 50% footwork, 25% shooting and 25% finishing?

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Hey Robert,

Yes exactly right.

They select drills from the “Drill Library” using drop downs in a Form which populates the “Training Plan” Table (The 2nd screenshot).

So you mean this table, and the related columns are 0-5 mins, 6-15 mins and so on?

Yes correct!

I don’t have a straightforward way to do this. What I would do, assuming each drill chosen is unique:

  • Create an array of the drills from those 0-5 mins, 6-15 mins, etc. column.
  • Create a multiple relation from that array to the Drill Library.
  • Create a joined list column of the focus area.
  • Craft something with Quickcharts/Chart.js to display a custom chart.

Hey ThinhDinh,

The drills arent unique, they are from a table of drills called “Drill Library” which have the “Focus Area” in their row.

So you mean in a session, you can do drill A, drill B and come back to drill A later, and it takes the value from the “Drill Name” in your Drill Library?

Here’s one way to approach it: