Turning CHOICE form Data into a Chart

With some help from you guys, I was able to make a user onboarding survey using the CHOICE form! Users take the survey to choose preferences in many different categories (coffee v tea v cocoa) etc.

I have a google sheet tab with the options and another sheet that records the user’s choices.

I tried to render a chart that shows ALL of the choices in a pie, but it is only showing the data from ONE of the many choice categories. I watched the charts tutorial and it talks about creating a multiple relation in a new tab but I have tried doing that and don’t understand how to match the multiple choices into the form for each user.

It’s very hard to explain it all in a message so I’ve picked up from here in this quick video.


As always, I’m sure I’m missing something simple and appreciate any help!

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What do you expect the final chart to look like? Is it multiple charts that would show aggregated data column by column?

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Hi Deena!

As Thinh stated, how you want your chart to appear will affect the solution.

If you want all of your choices to be “grouped together” in Glide, you’ll need to rename them as an array (preference 1, preference 2, preference 3, etc.)


I have similar questions.
Thank you for the video. I need visuals and this has helped.
I’m excited to see your successful working chart aggregation.


Hi all, I got pulled away by my 7 years old - he says I’m spending too much time Gliding :-). I am still working through this and will update with my progress or questions tomorrow. @ThinhDinh asked me a great question and forced me to think about data visualization. Thanks and have a great 4th!


Will post a video with my progress tomorrow!