Bar Charts change based on in app selection

I have made a bar chart on my app that compare my business market size and share monthly. I am trying to make the bar chart to show different data based on the month by choosing in app (something like salesforce).

My purpose is to give my team that use the app freedom to see the monthly data by choosing the month in the app. Is there any way to do this?

  • Create a user specific basic column that will be used to hold a choice component value.
  • Add a choice component to the screen and set it to pull a list of Months from a sheet or from your chart data sheet.
  • Create a relation column that will link the user specific selected Month value and link it to the chart data.
  • Add a chart component and point it to the relation column.

Thank you for the quick reply @Jeff_Hager, on which sheet i should put the relation column, the user specific sheet or the chart data sheet?

Ideally you would have a separate sheet that you use for your tab. It could have a single column set in the google sheet so it’s recognized by glide. Maybe you could put a short text description in that column and display in in the app. In the glide data editor, you can then create a user specific column that will hold the choice component value. Then you can create the relation column that uses the user specific column value to link to the chart data. All of it on the user specific sheet.

Thank you jeff for the help, really appreciate it!

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