Choice Component Issue - Replaced Values

Hi! I have a choice component that is selecting months, but when I select a month, it disappears from the table. Then it’s no longer there to choose from? Then the selected month (or no month) now populates the table. I’ve attached a picture of how the choice component is setup. I’m obviously missing something here, but I’m not sure what it is? Thanks!

I’d like to use this choice component as a selector to display data from a current month.

You are writing the selected choice to the same column that is the source of the choice list. They should not be the same column because it’s going to overwrite itself every time you make a choice.

The usual way to do this is to target the Choice at a User Specific Column, and then use the value in that column to drive the filtering. The next step depends on how you have things set up. In some cases you might use it directly as a screen value to filter. In other cases you might use it to construct a dynamic relation. It depends.

Thank you!

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Ok, so if I make a new, user-specific column, would this be in its own table to contain choices? If so, then do I just need to add rows for upcoming months?

Also, what do you mean by,

and then use the value in that column to drive the filtering.

No, it needs to be in the same table that the current screen is connected to.

I mean that you can then use that value in a filter. Have a look at using screen values to filter inline lists. This might be all you need in this case.

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Ok, I got the user-specific column setup for the selector. However I’m not sure the screen filter would work. Here’s what I’m trying to use the selector for.

But when I select another month, the data doesn’t change. @Robert_Petitto made a video on he does it, but I guess I’m not understanding how the relation is setup in the table. Let me know if you need screenshots of the tables. Thanks again!

Okay - I’m just going to make an educated guess here based on your earlier questions :wink:

I’m guessing that the User Specific column is in your Users table, and the Choice component is writing to that?
And you’re using those rollup columns that you showed earlier as the source for the Progress Bar?

If I’m right so far, then what you need to do is build a dynamic relation using the User Specific column.
So you’ll need to make sure that the value that gets written to the User Specific column (year month) will match a column in your Trades table. Then you need to modify that earlier relation that you had to use the User Specific Column as the source in your Users table - or create a new relation. If you create a new relation, then you’ll need a second set of rollup columns based on that relation.

If my assumptions are correct, that should get the job done for you.

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Ok, I think I got this part down…I think :sweat_smile: The user-specific column was actually in my Goals table, but I made a new relation with the Trades table and now I can control the progress bar (and the details table on the bottom) with the selector - Thanks!

But, the other thing that doesn’t update properly is this hint component in the middle (see images). I’m using template text, but since there are no trades for Oct or Nov, it still displays the data from Sept even though the table displays the correct text. Should I be using a different component?

Is the template for your hint component also reading the values that come through the dynamic relation?

One thing to be aware of (and keep in mind) is that with the dashboard screen you have there is that you’re operating on a single row of data (the first row, unless you have a filter somewhere), and all data shown on the screen will be read from that row.

So when you switch months using your choice component, that doesn’t change the row you’re looking at. Rather, it changes the data in that first row based on the value that’s written to the User Specific column and the associated relations and rollups.

Hmm…I don’t see where I can choose a relation for the hint component.

So when I use the choice component, the progress bar and table below all update properly. I imagine it’s because I’m going through the relation.

But I don’t see this option for the data that displays in the hint component.

No, that’s not what I meant.
You’re using a template column as the source for your hint component, yes?
You need to ensure that the replacement values in that template are coming from the rollups that are attached to the dynamic relation.

I think I know what you mean, but I don’t see that when I click on the replacement text.

I would’ve thought the relation would be here? Now that I write this, the value I’m trying to get is in this same table though. Would I need to make a relation within the same table then?

So is it possible to use this selector to read from different rows if the dates match?

You can’t read a value directly from a relation. I was working on the assumption that you already had the value you needed via one of your rollup columns.

I have to admit that I’m getting a little lost with all your tables and relations and rollups and how they fit together. Any chance you can make a video and show what you have?

I’m sorry, I think I’m getting lost too :woozy_face: I’ll make a video showing what I have and what I envision and post it shortly. I really appreciate all your time and help with this!

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I hope this is clear. If not, I can make another video. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


A suggestion that I would make is to create another table, and use that table to drive your dashboard. I think the fact that you’re trying to build the dashboard on top of your Goals table is leading to some of the confusion. It can work the way you have it, but it’ll just be cleaner if you separate it.

So… create another table, let’s call it Dashboard :wink:

That table will just need a single row - you’ll need to enter a dummy value in one column to make it useable (Glide needs at least one row with data in it).
From that table, you can build out the similar relations and rollups that you currently have in your Goals table. The user specific column that you’re using for your selector value should also be in this table.
The idea is that as you change the selector, all the data that you need for the selected month will be dynamically pulled into that single row. And you can use that data in your various dashboard components.

It’s quite late here, so that’s as much as I can offer for now. But give that a go and post any follow up questions that you have. If somebody else doesn’t jump in, I’ll take a look in my morning. Good luck :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you so much for your help and expertise! I’ll try what you suggest. Have a great night!