Charting percentage data

Hi All,

I have 25 rows of data that have a percentage value for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced and I’d like to make a pie chart for each line showing the breakdown of these 3 categories. Has anyone found an easy way to concatenate 3 columns like this into the Pie Chart component?

I can make it work using the Bar scheme because it allows for multiple Quantities but that doesn’t yield the corresponding infographic one would like.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

I don’t think they support this yet, so let’s say you want to show a chart for each difficulty rank, is that correct?

I haven’t worked much with charts, but with a bit of an exception of the bar chart, most data needs to be structured in rows. I think to get what you want, you could keep you same sheet, but the percentages would need to be placed in separate rows on a new percentage sheet. Then you could create a relation from the original sheet to the new sheet by linking the difficulty rank, or whatever else you need to link it together. So then, when you view the details of a difficulty rank, your relation would pull the percentage data into a relation that then is shown in a chart within the rank details. Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks Jeff, that does make sense, but I’m still struggling with relations a bit. Good excuse to dig in :pray:

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Just ask if you have trouble. Really all you need is your original sheet which I assume has some sort of unique value to differentiate it, such as Rank. The new percentage sheet would have that same Rank value in the first column on three separate rows. The second column would be your description, like beginner, etc. The third column would be the percentage for each description. You would then create a multiple match relation on your original sheet to link the rank column to the rank in your new percentage sheet. This will pull all the matching rows from the percentage sheet into the relation column. When adding your chart, you can then point it to the relation.