Using Search in a Choice Component

In the following case, the phrase “search to find more” in the choice component may seem odd to users who rely more on visual colors rather than using the search bar. I agree that it would be better as an expand button. Search only speeds up the selection process, but it is not the essence of the choices component, which is to display options.

Couple thoughts:

  • You could change your choice component to display the color name, but write the hex value. That would make it a bit easier to search by having actual color names.
  • A bit of a workaround would be to instead show a slide in screen with a collection of colors instead of a choice component, then change the action on that collection to write the chosen color to a column in the user profile. Then you could grab the chosen color from the user profile.
  1. Yes, that partially solves the issue. However, I prefer reducing the color options until the phrase mentioned earlier no longer appears. I’m sure you understand my point from the user’s perspective.

  2. I’ve done that before, but it feels like taking up too much space just for one choice.

It’s okay, Jeff. I brought this up for feedback rather than looking for a workaround.

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I hear you re: search, but I’d also argue that infinite scrolling in a dropdown menu isn’t a good experience, either. :slight_smile:

I’d go with Jeff’s suggestion of a slide-in screen for displaying a “gallery” of choices when you’re prioritizing visuals.

Appreciate the feedback, as always!


What are your thoughts on the in-app-filter feature in the collection component? I still prefer it to be more of a “choice” that offers options rather than hiding them. Making it concise is a challenge. Additionally, you should be aware that when opening a slide-in within a form, Glide actually closes the form view. This is poor UX because users are likely to be confused.

Another issue I’ve encountered is that when you provide an option to expand, it should always be accompanied by a collapse option. This is still found in chat components placed within a slide-in page or in notes from the classic app. Why create a “show more” button without providing a “show less” button?
This is just my feedback that you may consider.

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