Using Math column for Price in Stripe buy button

Hello Everyone, : )

I’m trying to make a shop for users of my apps.
I try simple thing : Price x Quantity = Price appear in Buy button.
I try a Math column (stripe dont see it)
I try a template column (stripe dont see it)
i try a if then else column (stripe dont see it)

Where am i wrong ? :sleepy:

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The Buy Button only supports sheet columns right now.

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Create an array formula in the sheet to multiply price and quantity (make it user specific). Use that to get the sub-total.

Hey @Mark any plans to change this in the future?

Oh, i see. So it’s impossible to set the quantity base on user choice.
It’s doable with google sheet formula, but it’s will be slow and the choice of one user will appear for every user.
Am I right ?

Yes, we want to fix this eventually.


How can you create a array formula in the sheet and make it user specific ? I was tinking that only column user specific create in glide can be ‘user specific’

You’re right.
Sorry about that.