Using Google ADS for pages

I want to publish the page I created in Google ADS but Google rejects it on the grounds that it contains malware.
Why? Is there anything to be done about it?

That’s weird. Do they go into details on which part of the application contains malware?

No. It is important for me to say that it was only rejected on the pages, but in the applications it is approved

@SantiagoPerez does this warrant a support ticket?

Hi @libi41,

Would you mind giving us more context here, please?

Thanks for the help.
You can see the app here:

It allows families to create memorial sites for their deceased loved ones for free.
I wanted to publish it on the Google search network - by Google ADS but it was rejected on the grounds that it had a malicious feature.
[look at the picture]
[It is in the Hebrew language]