Google API failure

Describe the bug:
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“Error 403 : disallowed_useragent You can’t sign in from this screen because this app doesn’t comply with Google’s secure browsers policy . If this app has a website , you can open a web browser and try signing in from there . Learn more You can let the app developer know that this app doesn’t comply with Google’s secure browsers policy . Request Details . If you’re the app developer , make sure that these request details comply with Google policies .Sign in - Google Accounts Google Authorization Error · The content in this section has been provided by the app developer . This content has not been reviewed or verified by Google . access_type : offline response_type : code state : redirect_uri : eyJzb3VyY2UiOiJodHRwczovL3Jlc3BvbmQwLTc3L Glide … include_granted_scopes : false client_id : 397046215911 : scope : aeid2ln7du7cgivjcf8ib8d4v8blvrdg.apps.googleuse openid

Expected Behaviour:
User login using Google account

How to replicate:
Log into app using Google

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Which browser are you using?

If your users try to open an app link from a link shared on Facebook, for example, ones that will open your link in “their own” browser, Google will reject the authentication.

Browsers initiated from Facebook (and many other social networks) seems to not be deemed as “safe”, by Google’s standards.

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