Authorisation problem signing in to Glide with google

I have anyone encountered this issue?

Thanks :pray:

is that an incognito tab

It was from facebook messenger

i meant are you in an incognito window
because facebookmessenger is not a browser

No sure how it works. This is from a user

FB browser doesn’t support Gmail login.

i never new there was something like that :exploding_head:
i looked it up and i saw it was a webview

Hey there!

I am getting the same error. Spent few hours and hustled.Still to figure out.

Help amigos!

Always check to see if you/your user is using an actual browser.

If they clicked a link inside Instagram or Facebook, they may be viewing the app inside an embedded browser within one of these apps. In this case, it appears that Google will not allow its users to sign-in within Facebook’s embedded browser for security reasons.

The more we learn about this, the better we can find ways to prevent Glide users from seeing confusing dead-ends like this one.

David, that same problem occurred when I try to create a Webview on Android Studio to publish on google play, can you help fix this? What authorization is necessary to enter to enable login within the webview?

We do not support that.