Error 403 Access blocked

A user tried to use my app and received error 403: disallowed_useragent. This is the only instance of this problem that I am aware of. I have google sign in enabled and this is a google email. Anyone have any insight?

What browser are they using? Are they trying to access the app through something like an embedded facebook browser or some other social media app with its own embedded browser?

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Thats a good possibility. They followed the link through facebook. I’ll let them know to follow it through with a copy paste and it should work. Can you give me a little info as to why it may not work through a social media media browser?

And thanks for your feedback. I do appreciate it.

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You can read the explanation from Google in your screenshot–Google does not trust the browser your user is using. As @Jeff_Hager points out, it’s some embedded in-app browser that does not meet Google’s security standards, so they will not allow it to use Google sign-in.


OK. That makes sense. It’s not the app but the browser that is causing the kickback.