Users Claim Problems Logging In

Hey everyone, I was pretty proud of the effort in creating this app:

However, when I showcased it to others, the first person to try it said they did not receive login pins and that even Google Sign-in gave them a 403 error.

I’m really worried that for whatever reason, maybe there are people who want to sign in to the app, but cannot. I cannot reproduce the issues on my phone or computer, whether incognito or cleared cache, or with burner emails…

Can one or a few of you just sign in for the sake of it to see if you have any issues receiving the pins or signing in via email?

I would really appreciate the feedback, I’m a little paranoid.

I am in the US and did not have a problem. Here are my screenshots

I entered an email and received a pin. The screen with just the arrow is a bit confusing I did click on the drop-down and selected English but it would help if there was some prompt text so I would know to do that

Also I was using Chrome on an Android phone.


No problem signing in here.

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You guys are awesome and thank you so much for verifying this!
I posted on several Facebook groups so I was in for a huge embarrassment if sign in was not working for some reason. I suppose it was for that specific user…

To give specifics, the link to the app was shared in clickable form on Facebook, the user used a mobile, Facebook app, to click the link, and the infamous Facebook browser opened the link versus a native OS browser most phones have.

She reported an error from Google (403) when trying to sign in via Google and also having no pin sent. As a result, I made sure not to share clickable links on Facebook, and rather have the users write the URL in their phone’s native OS browser.

Because you guys verified it not to be an issue on your end, then I figure it has to be the Facebook browser.

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Facebook is notorious for adding tracking code to links coming out of it - consider sharing the QR code on FB - not clickable but a way to share without adding crap at the end.

Also - I almost always use a nice url and then redirect it to my glide url. Even with a pro app, it is a way of controlling where they land because I can always change it to redirect elsewhere if I wish


Yes, it is the case for Faecbook browser, it has been reported many times since it always lead to an error from Google. It would be the same if you share the link in Gmail, for example.

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