How important is Google Adsense compatibility for you?

I have already opened a feature request on staging - I hope it will be approved soon, so you can upvote.

How many of you are getting requests to integrate Glide Apps with Adsense? I personally get so many, and at the moment I need to turn them all down.

My target audience makes money predominantly with Adsense and they’d be willing to drop their Wordpress site for a web app, if only this wouldn’t cannibalize their monetization.


Any progress on this?

Can someone please explain this? How do ads appear in your app? Please provide a link to the actual Google product so we can understand. Adwords, Adsense, Admob — Google’s ad stuff is all over the place!

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I currently do not have any ads in my app. I have them on my website, however. I believe it will work the same way as Google Analytics by setting up a new site and adding that code to the settings?

Can you give an example of an app with ads in it, that works the way you want ads to work in your app?

Would it be possible to have ads like on my mobile site?
For me it would also be important to have the Facebook and Adwords pixel to be able to remarketing on users who use the app

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Do you mean the backend settings on Google Adsense website? I can share some screen shots.

I have no idea what you want your app to look like.

I have 5 tabs…I would like an ad at the top of each tab. One on the bottom of shorter ones and some spread out between the longer ones with inline lists.

To have an ad show up on my website, outside of my glide app, I first create it in adsense selecting the size and other parameters. A code a generated for me to place where I would like an ad to display on a specific page on the site. I think an addition of a component for Google Ad codes might work.

I also have to add another code to the header of the website. For the glide app this can go in the same area Google Analytics ID is added.