Is it possible to add advertising in my app?

Hi everyone, I can’t find some info about advertising in glide app. Is it possible to add advertising banners in app through Google mobile ads on Basic (12$/m) or PRO (32$/m) plans? I just want to add monetization in future and save a free access cause it’s the only one way I see.

You can manually add ad banners as image and add a “Open link” action, that’s the closest thing.


Hi @Pavel_Shubin, it would be interesting to be able to integrate Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, … ads of some sort.

Let’s remember though that Glide’s main focus is internal business apps. Ads and affiliate links would typically be used in consumer apps?

We discussed app and Glide monetization a little here:


Thanks. I saw this your monetization list, but no one of these methods don’t fit for app I want to create. And a half of these ways help to earn with glide, not with app.

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I have read a bunch of threads here about HTML and CSS. You might be able to add a banner or a floating something that holds you advertisement.

Maybe @Lucas_Pires and/or @Robert_Petitto have an idea on how to accomplish that.

Edit: Also @Lucas_Pires has this video on how to make popups, you might use that to show your ads:


Adding to what @ThinhDinh aid, I was playing around with that idea a few months back and I did this.

Just for fuzzies.

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You raise very good points.

:open_mouth:No había visto éste vídeo…

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I have never tried it myself but I’m sure that it could work to add ads to your apps.

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