Adding Advertisements Into Glide Apps


I have been a glide maker for nearly 4 years now, so I decided to launch my first major app to the public. After gaining quite a bit of popularity, I am looking to add advertisements into my app. As a student living in 2023, I am trying to offset the subscription costs for Glide by adding some ads into the experience.

I know that this was a thread a couple of years ago, but Glide has changed rapidly since then and now has better integrations than ever which makes me believe that it is possible.

Has anyone tried this? If not, does anyone know any advertisement companies that distribute ads for you and I could try playing around with it?

Thank you!

I don’t think there’s much movement in the past few years on that front. The last time we talked about this in the forum, I think the solution was just having a list of ads manually added by the admin, then randomly show them to the user.

Is it right that you’re hoping to connect to an ad provider, then dynamically feed ads that are relevant to that user?

That is exactly it! Especially with how powerful integrations have been getting with Glide, you would think that an ad provider would have created one by now.

If there isn’t anything as of now though, looks like I will try inputting photos and links into a new table and setting it to be random.

Thank you for your help!