In-app ads

Is it possible to have banner ads show up inside of a Glide app? If it is, is there a way to make having ads show up on profile pages conditional? For example, if someone has a paid profile, ads won’t show up on their profile.

You can configure an “ads” table with an image and the link the user will be directed to.

Then, in the Users table, create a single value column, return a random row from the Ads table above.

Use two lookup columns to return the associated image and link of the random row, and display that with an image component + open link action.

I assume you have another “Paid?” column to know whether the user has paid or not. Only show the image when the user has not paid.

I just started working with glide. I’m not sure how the paid feature works. I’m just trying to figure out what’s possible right now.

If you are referring to ads from Google or any of the ad platforms, then it wont be possible.

You can add your own however.

Nothing in the steps above requires a paid account. When I say a "Paid? column, I’m referring to the column you use to determine whether a user has paid for your service or not, which is usually a boolean column.