Glide Ads Monetization

I would like to integrate ads into my app for monetization purposes. I came across some related topics and found that the only way currently available is using an image with link attached. I wonder if we can take advantage of the webview and integrate ads more easily. At the same time, I wanna know which ads providers are available out there having such offerings?

Personally, I’d thought of packaging the Glide web app into an Android Web View and integrate android ads using the SDK, but I am unsure on how to achieve it (like tracking button click in Glide app and trigger Android rewarded video ads)…

If you use a webview, the screen will look smaller because of a banner ad, if you decide to put it.

If you want to use rewarded ads, it will not be possible in anyway as there’s no connectivity between the ad click and this server, in this case the Google Sheet.

Great, thanks for your response. I think it’s better stick back to the previous advertising method. May I know whether there are any ads providers who offers a link-based ads implementation (ie where its direct to a page with ads)?

Because most of the ads providers using their own SDK or JavaScript to integrate the ads, but sadly Glide does not support them.

Highly doubtful as there’s adservers have just link based ads. Only affiliates do, but there’s a limitation as they don’t allow their link to open inside web views.

Currently, I came out with a not-so-good solution by using a link shortener for advertising ( First, I have a “View rewarded ads” button and associates the button to the shortened link which the link will then proceed to a webhook that update the google sheet and gives the reward to the user.

I can’t really find any affiliate links provider which provide reward without getting the user to spend money. That’s why if anyone found any, please recommend them below…