Using as instagram bio link loses tabs on the bottom

My app is now where I am happy with. I got our second domain pointing to our app. So I decided to update our website link in instagram bio.

When I click on the link from instagram it does open the app. However, the bottom tabs are not visible and the page does not scroll down.

How can I have the bottom tabs to show and page to scroll on ALL browsers?

That is not expected behavior. I don’t believe it is a bug either. Can you give me a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Can you zoom out?

This is how it should be.

But Instagram browser shows this . And I cannot scroll down also.

For now, I added “to use our app, chose to open the link in safari”
Maybe there is no way around it since how the website opens in Instagram is beyond our control???

Yeah I’m afraid this is the problem. A while ago I had a user telling me the same thing when he opened my app via email.

Hello everyone. So I have two businesses so I have two separate accounts. This catamaran is mine and I have skin care business.
The catamaran one is the paid version and skin care one is free.

The catamaran one will not show the tabs and the screen will not scroll in Instagram, but the free version skin care one shows all tabs and it scroll perfectly. :woman_shrugging:t2:

There are three things that are different in these two apps

  1. One is paid and one is free
  2. One has filtered expandable menu on the side and one doesn’t.
  3. One has custom domain name and one doesn’t

I really want to figure out what is causing this problem.

As I mentioned, I have two businesses. When I add my app link to both business’s Instagram account, one will show the tabs on the bottom, but other one doesn’t. I really want the tabs to show up because that’s how people can navigate through all pages.

Any thoughts?

The only visible differences I see are that the Makani app takes up more verticle screen real estate and has a side menu. Just for something to try, you could shorten up the screen and hide the tabs in the menu. Also make sure scrolling down doesn’t reveal the buttons. I don’t use instagram, otherwise I would try it out. Do you have a link posted on a Facebook page? Does the same thing happen on different devices?

Hi Jeff.

I just tried Facebook and it is showing up correct. So it seems that problem is only with Instagram. Our viewers use Instagram more than Facebook.

I made a copy of this app and tried to remove the side menu. I removed the tabs belonging to side menu. But the 3 bars did not go away…

Interesting that the menu stayed, unless you are using user profiles and it’s somehow tied to that. The only other thoughts would be the custom domain vs glide domain, or user profiles somehow triggering an issue.

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It is very strange. I used the copy file for catamaran without the side tabs (free version). It’s still the same.

One things I noticed is that catamaran app seems to be wider and larger

Ahh, do you have Tablet/Desktop mode enabled and/or the default to open in Tablet/Desktop mode by default on either of the apps?

You are right @Jeff_Hager
Because I was opening from my own account. When I switch to another account and opened it, it shows the bottom tabs perfectly.

As far as the tablet mode, should I have that turned on?

I was only suggesting the tablet mode to see if that was the source of the problem. I thought maybe one app had it turned on and the other did not base on you saying that the catamaran app seemed wider and larger. Just thinking that’s a possibility for the problem with the tabs showing or not showing.

So when you say that it worked from a different account, was that a different Instagram account on the same device, or on a different device?

On the same device but different account.
my personal FB account is the owner of skin care business account and my personal account also manages catamaran account. So I log in with my personal account but I have access to both accounts.

So in a way, they are bit different how I can access their account, one as an owner and one as a manager.

The skin care account though, I did check on the app from the account and the tabs shows up.

And yes, catamaran one is still wider. Something else is probably going on.

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Interesting. Not sure why its acting like that.