Users profile, visitors and monthly users

Hi guys,

I’m reaching out to this community to understand better the limitations of Glide … I discussed this with someone from sales but they don’t have a clear answer on this … all that I got is that the limit is around 4000 users, but I didn’t understand if those are visitors using the app on the same time , on a monthly bases or user profiles on Glide table ?

From what I saw on the pricing breakdown the visitors are unlimited, but if the app will break at 4000 then, unlimited becomes limited.

So, can the app handle unlimited visitors or is limited ?

Also, if anyone has some feedback regarding the limit of monthly usage please let me know.


If by visitors you mean not signed-in then it’s unlimited at no additional cost. Glide can handle as many visitors as you can throw at it. Have a look at this chart to see what constitutes a visitor vs public user vs private user.

@Eric_Penn thanks for clarifying this … I don’t understand why the sales person I spoke with says that after a certain number Glide will experience performance issues … does he have access to different insights regarding Glide’s performance ?

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Well I don’t work for Glide so I can’t speak for them but from what you described I think you will be fine and without performance issues.

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