Username as datasource on every page

I really wish there was the ability to always access the current user’s email address as a data source on every page within an app. Right now you can only access columns of the active sheet.

In fact, it would be even more powerful to simply always have access to all data sources related through the user. E.g. In all components on every page regardless of what sheet is generating the page.

Do you mean per user data, relations, and lookup, or are you attempting something different?

I am attempting something different.

For example how would you go about building the functionality to have a user RSVP for an event within an app? One they are on the event page you no longer have a way to add information to the user’s row or a row in an 'RSVP’s sheet.

I would add an RSVP Form Button to the event page. On your form you can add all the relevant info from the event via the Column Values. You can also add the users email via the Email Special Value. Form buttons can add to any sheet you want. In the sheet I would use lookups to pull the info from the form responses into the users sheet, or use the lookup function in the data tab to pull in a matching record from the form response sheet.

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How to solution provided, closing topic.