Userid as Row owners in Private chats

For the chat components, all tutorials out there only use email as the senderid and receiverid.

how do I achieve this using userid instead of email for the senderid and receiverid?

this is because my project have public profile without any sensitive data. (means no email column)

i tried using userid in senderid and receiverid, it only works if i didnt set these 2 columns as row owners, but i also want my chats to be private, after i set these 2 as row owners, it wont show anything to related user.

Row Owners only works with emails or Roles. It does not work with any other type of value, so in your case those rows become unowned and inaccessible.

i see. than i would have to populate email in my public user table for now… would it still work if I set in setting to hide real email address ?

If you are collecting anonymous emails and writing the anonymous email in all of your tables, then yes, row owners would still work. Glide knows who that anonymous email belongs to.


thanks! that means any marketing mail should work as well right

Anonymous email addresses are not real email addresses. You cannot send email to them.

hmm…even if we use email integration? seems like id just have to add another field for email2

I just need to use anonymous email in chat table since glide will still be able to recognize. and i still requires real user email in protected user table for email marketing.

or you have any other good approach?

You can try it, but I’m pretty sure you need real email addresses to send emails. At least the last I remember hearing.

I guess I would just have two email columns (anonymous and real) if that’s what it takes.

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