Chatbot , row owner?

Hey guys , I cant figure out how to limit the data for each users chatbot…I have my colums set up like above and no row owners or user specifc columns.

Goal : Each user to have their own chatbot and not see any other users data.

How can I do this? Cheers

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Without using row owner or usc you could do it with a filter… but filter is not secure.

Why not use the email column for row owner… when the bot replies… write the signed in user email to email column

Because then the chat window is only shown for one user ie messages on the same side

When you ask the chat bot a question it creates two rows… 1 row is your question and the 2nd row is the answer. You could write the signed-in user email for both rows (question and answer) and apply row owners…

When GPT answers why do you write “GPT”? Use the signed in user email

This is correct but still shows both user and gpt message on the same side. The solution though was setting row owner for the sender email column and using the username column as the author email to differentiate the sender.

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Just create a second email column, no? One that always includes the signed in users email and uses it as row owners. This one wouldn’t be used in the chat component.

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Possibly Bob but I got it working with this config thankfully. I dont know why but the comments/chat ui/ux comes across complicated to me.

We got there in the end anyway thats the main thing ha. On to the next.