User Specific chat session

Hey guys ,

So I’ve set up a chat component thats linked to “Send message to chatgpt with no history” , for my user profile I can send a message & receive the prompt back correctly.

My issue is that I need each user to only see their own messages when signed in…Whats the best way to achieve this?

Also , should I be using chatgpt with history prompt for this instead maybe?

Anytime you want users to only see their own data, you need to use Row Owners, User Specific Columns, or Filters. Which one depends on the use case and the required data security.

Yep sorry I should have mentioned I have this enabled as the email column for my chat table.

Not sure why that was an issue earlier.

Now though , I can see my input and the response but it shows as both from the same user? How can I change to have the repsonse from GPT

Ok, I’ve never used the chat component, so I don’t have specific instructions, but I would think that you would need a column that writes the your email to every row and use that column for row owners. (Possibly utilizing the email setting in the ‘Save Data’ configuration.)

Then make sure the author email is set to write your email when you ask a question, and the AI fills the author email with some other value when it writes it’s response.

No worries.

Yea I’ve taken a look at the doc but I think its not the most informative or helpful comapred to other features that i’ve had no issues with.

I’ll keep tinkering and hopefully I can figure it out

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