User specific switch function

I am very new to this and am looking for a little help to achieve an attendance list for events that users have created.

I currently have a user specific switch that I want to use to populate a visible list of all the attendees of an event. i.e. the user toggles the switch to say they are attending, their name shows up on the list.

Can someone explain how I can achieve this?

This would work best with a form button. If the switch is set up to fill a single column, then every user is going to see that the switch is set on or off. If you used a user specific column, then it would be switch independently for each user, but there is no way to track or see who switched it. A form button is best and will create a new row in the sheet you choose. You can have users enter any additional info in the form you you can simply use Column Values from the parent record that has the form button and Special Values that will automatically log things like the date/time or signed in user’s email. From there you can simply display an inline list that is linked to the form response sheet. If you have multiple events, then you will need to make sure that event name is written in the form as well and you can then create a relation column to link the event to the event in the form response sheet. When adding your inline list, you would then use the relation instead of directly pointing to the sheet.

Will this allow an attendee to opt in or out of the event though? Say a user originally signs up to attend but then wants to opt out, how will the list update?

You can allow then to edit their entry and delete it. You can set a condition on the edit option so they can edit only their own entry. That will remove it from the list. There is a much more complicated way where they can submit another form to opt out, then through a combination relations, rollups, and If/then columns, you can determine the last submitted row and only display the last form submission by each user. A little bit more work so allowing to delete is the easiest. I know none of this is the flow you would want, but currently there isn’t a good way to simply flip a switch and have it “just work”. Using forms and editing existing rows is the easiest way.

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