User Specific Data Input and Tracking

I’m creating a health tracking app for a cohort of 50 individuals lasting 12 weeks. Privacy settings are set to private w/ email.

I would like each user to be able to track habits each day and enter those through a specific tab and have that tab relate only to their data.

For example: each day a user would track the amount of water and sleep they had. So each user would have a ‘my data’ tab and their inputs would populate only their data so we can give each one scores for targets hit.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to go about setting up sheets towards that end?

I’ve experimented with row id and user specific columns but haven’t been able to hit the nail on the head. The cohort lasts twelve weeks and users are tracking data each day. So the variable are ‘users’, ‘date’, ‘habits’ (for habits we’re simply having a check box if they hit a target…sleep, hydration, activity etc - each check box gets one point; points accumulate through the 12 weeks).

Any suggestions for sheet structure, etc are hugely appreciated! Thanks much!!

I think you can have a Habits Tracker sheet with columns for:

  • User email/UserID
  • Date
  • Habit

Then in the Users sheet, you use a relation to connect with the tracker above, and rollup the points for the users.

User-specific column would be used when you expect multiple users to input in the same column, on the same row, which is not the case here I think.