Quantitative data

I’m currently working on an app and I want to be able to track data per user.

I’ve got most of the app built, but I can’t seem to figure this one section out.

So in the app you open it up and fill out a form it ask you

did you wake up on time?
Did you meditate?
Did you work out?
Did you drink?
Did you eat right?

I’m using the Boolean feature for each of those. when you check the box it is added up into an overall monthly percentage, yearly percentage and weekly percentage for each of those questions to tell you how many days in the month week and year you actually did that

So, for example, if you got up on time every single day that month, it would reflect 100%. If you did half of the month it would only reflect 50%.

I figured out how to get the percentages and everything to add up, but it spits out the same information for every single user, and I want each user to know their percentages and have their own personal information.

Does anybody know how to do this?

Not sure how its all setup but have you tried making the input fields User Specific?

When you add this row to your data table there should be a column to hold the logged in users email.

Create a relation from the users email in the users table to the users email in this data table you’re adding rows to.

Finally do a rollup via that relation.

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Can be a bit more complex to set up if there needs to be a per-week, per-month, annual reports of the data etc, but generally I think it’s the right way.