Compare data between logged in users

I have made a basic database which collects user input based on how much of the bill they have paid.

This is an example of User #1 (It shows they have paid 100% of all bills)

Now I want users #2
to log in to add their input on the data so both users can compare % based on what has been paid.

I’m very new and want to know how do I do that?

What is total based on? Outstanding unpaid items?

It sounds like you could create an IFTHEN and assign a value to paid or unpaid rows (1 for paid, 0 for unpaid). Then do a rollup to figure out how many have been paid in total.

I want to show both users what the percantage is once both users have entered values…

total is based on percentage of all categories, how do I assign a value?

You might have to show some examples of your sheet to help us understand better. Also an example of what each user is supposed to see when they both have data entered.

It looks like you want to add up the amounts for a user, which it looks like you are doing. Then compare it to the second user? So if user1 has 500 points, and user2 has 250 points, then you want to see a percentage of 66% for user1 and 33% for user2??? You should be able to create a Rollup column that totals all of the points for each user (750), then create a math column to divide the user’s points by the rollup total and multiply by 100 to get a percentage.