User specific data displayed before sign-up


I have this ideal flow as a goal:
it’s not a classic onboarding.

1/User click on my website and land on the glide app

2/A typeform quiz is starting in a webview component.
-I don’t want to ask the user email before they get the results-
-i don’t want the user to see the results of previous /other users-

The Typeform variables are send to a Google sheet linked to my glide app.

3/BLOCKING STEP: The results (computed inside the Google sheet) has to appear almost immediately on my app in a charts component.

-These results have to be USER SPECIFIC-
Only the current user has to be able to see it (the user that submitted the typeform a second earlier.)

The only solution i found:

The user has to pass a “unique” value via the Typeform, like a password he sets? (So a complex one i thought.)
So on screen there is just a password field, if the password matches a row the visibility/filter is then honored so the user’s results from google sheet table appear.

Next step FYI:

4/ Once the user had a look at his/her results, he can tap a button " Save my results"
-This button will display a sign-up form with email field required now and prob associate its user id/email to the corresponding result row-

So next time, the user can sign in in the app with this email and access its results.
(and i have some columns to control his access to the next tabs regarding his progress… “step 1 done”; “step 2 done” etc)

In short:

On a public app, no sign in required, after a typeform, how to display a specific row to someone ?
Without requesting email.

Thanks in advance

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My suggestion here would be to use user-specific columns in a Glide table to collect survey responses (essentially take typeform out of the workflow). Use computed columns (math, Rollup, etc.) on those user-specific columns to calculate & display the chart.

This documentation on user-specific values should help!


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