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SOURCE options do not show up in one of my apps and I cannot see the reason. What do you think?

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The types are correct!
Nothing shows up in SOURCE area:


This seems to be the same issue as @NinaDCS :arrow_down:

You may want to check with Nina to see if she worked it out or has raised a support query. No sense in both of you contacting support about the same thing.

Hope you get is resolved soon


I contacted @NinaDCS and she says that the issue was solved by it self!

It seems not to be a sheet issue but a glide issue.
I tested same sheet from a copy of app, same problem!
I tested same sheet from a new app, no problem!

I have sent a request to glide-help.zendesk on Saturday but so far no response.
Is there a way to urge the matter?
A Private Pro app without user profile is no good!

It’s still the weekend in California, so it probably won’t be looked at until Monday morning.

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@George_B Nothing has happened yet, grateful if you could look into this!

@George_B Thank you!

Hi Ralf, I’m pleased that you have made
progress :+1:

Care to share the solution to your issue so if someone else has the same problem we can let them know how to fix it.

Thanks :blush:


I must pass this to @George_B !