Error selecting user sheet as a source

Hi Glide Community,

I made a sheet for my user profiles like I always do. This time I can’t select that sheet as a source in the user profile page. Can’t understand the reason. Can any one help?

Just to add, I can’t write on this text entry box that I added on a detailed screen.

Not sure if its a bug or I am missing a step. It has never happened to me before though.

You could try adding an image column to your user sheet to see if that triggers something. Otherwise, it seems like it should be available for you to select.

Regarding the entry component…if it’s grayed out, that usually means it’s not attached to a row, so there is nothing edit. Check for any filters, row owners, or if there are any rows of data in the sheet.

If all else fails, refresh the entire browser.


The problem is solved. Thank you for your prompt response sir. :slight_smile:

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