Can't add source sheet to profile

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I don’t have an option to link my user sheet to the profile page. My users table is a google sheet, all my other tables are glide tables. My app is set to Public with email.

Hi @NinaDCS

This may help…

I’m apparently already signed in but my photo doesn’t show and there’s no option to choose a sheet at all to be able to change the photo.

Just a thought, have you clicked on the photo.

It just opens my file system photo picker which doesn’t work and won’t let me upload a photo.

I also can’t use User Profile in visibility or for filters so I think there’s actually something wrong with it and it’s not set up. I can’t access the spot where I’m supposed to select the sheet, photo, email, and name columns.

I tested another app and the selection is available. It’s not in my app though.

I just tried it myself and it does work.

So I have a google sheet with columns NAME, EMAIL AVATAR

App is public with email.

Select the menu

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 21.33.22

Select the picture icon

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 21.34.13

on the right you now should see this

select the source sheet (mine is called sheet 1)

That’s literally what my first picture is of. I did those exact steps but I just have blank space where the source sheet selector is supposed to be.

Sorry I don’t know then🤔, looks like there is a set up issue with the app you are working on…I did my best to try and help…

We know is works though which is good but unfortunately without having access to your app I can’t see what is wrong.

Maybe others will chip in with their solution.

Thanks for your help, I’m going to contact support I think.

Maybe that’s the answer.

Here is the link in case you want it

Do you have actual Sheets with header columns in your database?

Yes, the user sheet has many columns and is a Google sheet. I have other fully functioning screens and lists connected to my user sheet. The rest of my sheets are glide tables.

Double check the column types for Name, Email & Image in your User Profiles sheet, and make sure they are Basic Text, Basic Email & Basic Image types respectively. Glide is quite fussy about that.


Did you contact support or is your problem solved?I have exactly the same issue!

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I did nothing but slept all night and the problem seems to be resolved @Ralf @Darren_Murphy. Glitch in the matrix I guess!

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