User Profile keeps resetting

Twice now I’ve noticed no updating to the User Sheet when a new user signs in for the first time. I go into my glide dashboard for the app, and low and behold, the User Profile setting has been cleared out and no longer points to my User Sheet. No longer points to any sheet. I’ve had to reset it twice now in the past week. Is this a known bug? Is this going to continue? I rewrote my app to move away from the old =UNIQUE user sheet login, but now I’m worried that I’m going to lose new users if I rely on this User Profile feature to stick.

Has this happened in the past hour and a half? Today’s release should have fixed that.

Hard to say. I was testing the User Sheet yesterday and just tested for the first time again today about 30 minutes ago. So it’s possible it’s been disconnected all day and didn’t know because we didn’t have any sign ups today and I just noticed it was detached right now. I will monitor, but if you guys were aware and pushed a fix, I trust it’s either in order now or being monitored on your end.

Please let me know immediately if it happens again.

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