User profile Issue


I created a trading app for my group and I want to have everyone have their own separate user profiles. The problem is when I’m testing the app. If I delete data in one profile, it deletes the info for everyone which is obviously an issue.

How can I separate the user profiles so users can add/delete as many symbols/tickers as they want without affecting anyone else’s data?


You need to establish a relationship between a user and one or more tickers, which might mean refactoring your data structure slightly. Can you provide a screen shot or two that shows how it’s currently set up?

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Hey Darren,

Thanks for replying! That makes sense, is this the correct way to set it up to establish a relationship at the onset when a user creates a profile?


Maybe, but possibly not.

Where is this data being written to?
Can you share a screen shot of the underlying data tables?