App with unique users connecting to multiple unique items

I am working on a real estate application with which users can log in, to see property they own or are properties they are paying for.

So, I am cool with how to create unique member profile with basic info. I need a finance page (this will show how much members have paid for a property, outstanding, etc) and maybe a property. So my thoughts are user logs into the app and under property page, sees the different property locations, and when they go into a location, see the property or properties they own.

I need help with trying to figure out how I would connect a single user to multiple properties i.e. If a user purchases more than a single property within the same location or multiple locations, how to handle that.

Is there an existing template or app I can view to guide me or can anyone guide me in the right direction? Any form of assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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I think you need a structure like this.

User profiles:

Email | Name | Image


RowID | Location name | Location image


RowID | Location’s Row ID | Property name | Property image


User’s email | Property’s Row ID

Then back to the user profiles sheet, create a multiple relation to the ownership sheet, use a join text column to return all properties’ row IDs that the user is connected ot.

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Hi @ThinhDinh

Thanks so much for laying this out. Is there a template sample or previous answered question or how to that helps to display the practical implementation? I am fairly new to some of the concepts :pray:t3: