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Hello Team, congrats on an excellent product. New Glideapp person and loving it.

I have a question that I looked on the topics and could not find a definitely answer.

This is what I am trying to accomplish,

Vacation Rental Private App
I enter the name and email of the future renter on a tab column
Send the link of the app to the renter
Renter logs in with email, provides pin and he is in

  • I would like different renters to go to different rental properties. Essentially have all the rental properties on the app but based on the renter login in they will see only information on the rental property that they rented.

Hope this makes sense. It seems easy to do but I am having a hard time being new and and all.

Any help will be appreciated. I have a Pro license.

thank you in advance



Hello Team, any updates? thank you so much

Are there any renters with 2 or more properties tied to their profile?

thank you Thinh, nope. These are individual renters that rent “a” property at a determined time. We will never have the same renter rent several properties. We will have one property rented by several renters.

thank you in advance


I think what you can do is have a table structured as.

Renter email | Property name/ID

Then when the renter logs in, you create an inline list filtered by renter email is signed-in user.

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thank you Thinh let me try that. I was trying to do it with conditions and was having a hard time.
I really appreciate the help


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thank you Thinh, that worked. :slight_smile: The only thing that I am having an issue now with is that when I go into the deeper links, so for example once they reached the house they are renting, then I have some specific info for each house, the info for each house does not follow the choose house. I am not sure how to do that. thank you in advance

Do you mean you have different types of data for each house?

thank you Thinh, yes. So based on their email address, they land on a different property. Once they are on their property, the columns should be the same but the data should be for each specific property. For example, if I am displaying a column that says Wifi Code is: 1234, I should be able to display different Wifi codes based on how they enter into the app. House A will have wifi code 1234, and if they enter as house B, they will see a different code.

thank you in advance

You can just create a WiFi column in your Houses sheet and display it in the details view, or do I miss something else?

that is what I thought, but it displays always the same for lets say Property A. Essentially when I change it on one it does not change it on the display.

Can you include some screenshots of how you’re setting the details view?

Sure thing, thank you. See below

User 1

User 2

You can see that they display the same information. It should display different information for each property.

thank you for taking the time, really appreciate it



on the top left you can see that I am viewing as 2 different emails/persons
thank you

So that is just a single welcome tab? How are you populating the columns that feed the components?

thank you Thinh. I populate it the login table. Per your advice I created a table with columns. Renter email | Property name/ID. To that same table I added some more columns, like welcome message, and other ones. In addition I have a welcome table that has a column for properties, house name, image. I also have another table for each property and in there I have columns with information for each property.

Essentially the behavior I would like to see is that when you go to the welcome tab, based on your signin, if you are signing as property a, then you will get info about property a, if you are signing as property b, then you get that info. Essentially the content changes dynamically based on how you sign in.

Am I doing it wrong conceptually? I am new to Glide and I watched most of the videos but I am still very green.

thank you Thinh for taking the time



So the user logs in with their email but their email is tied in with a property in an external table right?

I was thinking you wanted to show an inline list there in the tab but seems like you want a details view. In that case, you can filter the tab to the right row (let’s say email is signed-in user).

Assuming you have all info populated to the right row after filtering, you can show the user a dynamic value.

Anyway, that was why I asked if a user can own multiple properties at the start. In this case only the first row is shown.

thank you Thinh, I am so sorry but I just dont get it. Sorry that I am not able to get it just I can not figure out. Would it make sense if I give you access to my app and you take a look and see? because I have tried everything that you mentioned and it does not work the way that you explained, I know I am not doing it correctly but I can figure it out what I am doing wrong. I spent so much time on this already so I need to see if you can figure it out once you are on the app or I need to move with a different solution. thanks

I take it all back, LOL!! got it to work. Thank you Thinh. I think it was an issue on what I saw on the phone vs what I saw on my browser. However it is all working now. thank you for all you did to get me there. :smile:


Good to hear! Let us know if you have any more questions.