Best way to show One Owner Multiple Property Relationship

Hey guys?

I’m building out a CRM app for my real estate brokerage business.

One issue is sometimes I have an owner owns multiple properties, or I have multiple contacts for one or multiple properties.

How should I handle this? Doesn’t sound right if I have 5 of the same contact for 5 different properties. Right now I have two tabs with the property address to use the reference match.

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You should have one sheet for owner/contact and one sheet for properties.

The properties sheet would store 5 rows for 5 different properties connected to the same owner if that’s the case you described.

Then make a relation column matching the owner email in the original sheet to the owner email column in the properties sheet, set it to match multiple.

Then you can display that relation via an inline list.

issue is I don’t usually have contact information (phone, email) on the owner. For instance, it may be an off market property or I may have phone but not email and vice versa.

I guess I do have a mailing addresses for each property. But I start building out the database without mailing addresses. Sounds like I need to add those in manually then? Bleh… Let me know if you have another idea.

So how do you attach each property to the owner? What type of information do you have to make it unique to that owner?

Can you show a little more of how your database is set up? Is everything in one sheet?

Well actually now that I think about this some more I have two ways of gathering lead information

  1. By Exporting Property Data from a Datasource & skiptracing
    With this method, I get a large CSV file with all the property information and mailing address of the owner. Then I hire a freelancer to skiptrace and collect phone number. Then I use a powerdialer to cold call. Most numbers are bad but i do end up contacting some people and they either get tagged as “Hot/Warm/Cold Lead” or “Not Interested”

I think I can export this data from the power dialer with the info listed above.

  1. The other way I plan on collecting leads if through Facebook Ads or other forms of inbound marketing. I would require a phone number and email address for the person to submit. But I receive the owner’s mailing address (unless I manually look that up).

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