User Preferences

Hi… I would like to setup for my users to check boxes for their preferences. For example, genres of music (hip hip, rock, country etc.) How do I create the ability for them to check the boxes and then also pull the data from the tables?

Thanks in advance!!!

There are a few ways to accomplish this, but here is probably the easiest way:

For the filter:

  1. Have a list of all your genres in one of your sheets.
  2. In this sheet, create a user specific boolean column
  3. In your user preferences screen, create an in-line list component with a checklist style of the genres sheet where the checkbox points to that user specific boolean column.
  4. On your main genres screen, filter the list where that user specific boolean column is true

The only caveat to this is no genres will display if the user doesn’t select anything. So, you’ll need to either force the user to select items during on boarding or create some logic that counts how many genres are not true and if the result is zero, then display all of them.

If you want to create a list of all genres that a person selected, then:

  1. Back in the genres sheet, create an If-then-else that checks to see if that user specific boolean column is true. If so, result in the genre name, else blank.
  2. In your user profile sheet, create a join list column that points to the genres>if-then-else column. This will result in a comma separated list of all of the genres a user selected. You can then display this list anywhere in your app.