User Interactive Apps, Ecommerce Apps - Usage Pricing

Does anyone
building apps around e-commerce or any app that allows users to edit data often, restaurant menu’s, custom checkouts, increment values or even apps that keep a log of actions

have any advice on surviving with the new Glide update pricing?

We love Glide, and its been essential in the first phase of our startup. We want to stay around more but looks like its impossible. Any advice?

In our main app we process orders using a glide app. Every Item requires at least 4 edits for status changes. To keep a log of changes we require another 2-4 set column actions per item. We allow users to edit qty so it could go up to 10-20 edits per item. Current early stage we dont even make revenue we accumulate maybe 5000-10000 edits a day! Will have to place internal counters to find out cant even see our Glide usage numbers

We havent even scaled up. Any advice if we can survive a bit more, or do we sadly have to head towards retool faster than we expected

Do you keep all these things in Google Sheets or do you use Glide Tables?

It does sound like 5000 - 10000 edits a day is a lot, how many orders do you have per day?

I was just brainstorming the numbers, could well be exaggerating.
We could do 50 - 100 orders a day. At around 5 items per order (grocery) thats 250-500 item rows in the table.
Each item would require 3-5 status changes at minimum, 3-5 set column actions just to have an action log.
At 100 orders, thats around 3000-5000 updates alone isn’t it?

I’l start by removing set column actions that contribute to keeping an action log.

Our main source is Google Sheets. Orders from Shopify are sent there via Make.
We do bulk remove rows every now and then when the row count goes close to the 15-20k mark.

Its not important for us to keep this data in the Sheet, we would rather forward it with the Glide data we collect into a database.

There has always been a plan to migrate into Glide Tables instead. But to be honest, many times, I can’t convince myself this change would really save us anything.