User email doesn't populate when using phone

Hi! I have a form submit action that is supposed to add the users email to an email column (row owner) in my Glide table. When I submit the form on the builder, the email populates. But when I use my phone, and am signed in, all of the form fields populate, but not the email address.

In my custom action, neither the “User’s Email Address” nor the “User Profile > Email” options work. Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong?

Try passing it as a special value in your form, instead of setting in “on submit” like this. On the left side search in your form, search for “user’s email address”, then point that to the email column.

I believe what’s happening here is the row wasn’t created in time for the set column to work, I saw some issues like this with set columns on submissions a while ago.


@ThinhDinh is absolutely correct. I remember noticing this when I was looking at your app the other day, but I forgot to mention it.


Thank you! Yes this was the issue.

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