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Hi. I am a journalist and I use WhatsApp to contact many interviewees that I will only talk to once, and I don’t want to add them to my address book. I created a simple app in which I put his or her phone number and link it with the API address to open a conversation with him or her, after pressing a button. How can I make it so that after this action the number is deleted? I would like to share the application with the community, but this way the last number used would be public. Is there a way to do this on the fly, without the number having to be saved in a cell?

I have tried an action to delete the line after opening the link, but even if I put this action afterwards, it loads it before the link is opened.

If you store the number in a user specific column, and make the app public without sign in, then the number will disappear as soon as you close the app.

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Thank you, but when I make the column user specific, then it can’t be edit. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

If I was to take a guess, then I’d say it’s probably because the table doesn’t contain any rows.
Is this a Glide table? If you add a RowID column, a single row will be automatically added, and that’s all you need.

If that’s not it, then a screenshot or two would be useful. One that shows what you have in the data editor, and another that shows your screen/component layout.

Thank you. It’s the simplest app that I’ve made, but I’ve never worked with ‘user specific’ columns. It works for me, but I want to share with colleagues and need to fix that.

The problem is your Telephon column has row owners applied. Perhaps you have row owners and user specific columns confused?

Anyway, you should delete that column and create it again as a user specific column, and then it should work.

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You were absolutely right that I was confusing the concepts. I re-created the columns as user specific and it works just as I wanted it to. Thank you very much!

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